Importing to Australia

Product Compliance Requirements

The Australian market place is highly regulated with mandatory product compliance programs imposed at federal, state and local levels. Product compliance is administered and policed by several government regulators who draft and implement legislation that specifies the regulations. For the most part the regulations are based on standards and usually these are derived from those issued by international standards organisations such as the IEC. Local variations are incorporated into the original standard, that is reissued as an Australian standard with the prefix of AS.

Suppliers of products to the Australian market must inform themselves of the technical and administrative requirements they must implement before they offer their products for sale. Penalties for not doing so can be costly. Apart from having to recall all products substantial fines may have to be paid in addition to the risk of litigation from consumers.

Use overseas CE test reports to achieve compliance

Using existing CE test reports (made to EN and IEC standards) may be the most efficient and cost effective way of demonstrating compliance with Australian conformity regulations.  CE reports are usually made to the same international standards that our Australian standards are based on.  The difference may be addressed by technical examination and where required additional supplementary testing.

Stradia has extensive experience with assessing and supplementing CE reports so that they may be used to achieve compliance in Australia for EMC, EMR, electrical safety, machinery safety, LIPDs, energy efficiency and product safety.  We are well acquainted with the EUs and Australian standards and the EU’s and Australia’s conformity assessment procedures.


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