Testing and Certification
Certification of your products for the world's markets.   Complete solutions for your product compliance needs.

If you are an importer we arrange testing with fast turnaround time and problem resolution through a team effort.    If you are a local designer with a manufacture off shore we work directly with you and your suppliers to produce a fully engineered and integrated solution.  We give design input and help co-ordinate the design changes.

If you are local manufacturer we find you the fastest and most economical testing solution.

Where possible we always use existing test data and certifications and supplement these with any additional tests to reduce your costs.

Testing and certification for:
Australia     European Union     USA & Canada      China      Korea       Japan        Taiwan

We cover test types such as: 

Product Safety      Electromagnetic Compatibility         Hazardous Substances        Energy Efficiency     Functional Test     

Environmental Impact     Ingress Protection 

Durability     Fit for Use

Products covered include:

Luminaire          Household Appliances      IT/AV

Machinery      Vehicles       Watercraft

Power Tools       Air Tools           Hand Tools             Plug & Cable,

Transformers     Lighting Ballast

Electronic and Electrical Components

The labs we work with hold the following accreditation

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