Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

Stradia's E3 capabilities
  • EMI/EMC Management and Control Plans
  • RADHAZ Management and Control Plans
  • Electromagnetic Signature Management
  • Frequency Management
  • Communication systems integration
  • Provision of training for EMI/EMC and RADHAZ awareness
  • Technical feasibility studies for internal and external communication systems
  • Communication systems design
  • TEMPEST analysis and design
  • EMI/EMC analysis
  • Antenna integration and analysis
  • RADHAZ assessment
  • EMI/EMC test plans, procedures and reports for equipment and systems
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • RADHAZ test plans, procedures and reports for equipment and systems
  • RADHAZ testing
  • Integration of COTS equipment into military platforms

 Preparation, review and management of:

  • Interface requirements; system segment specifications; test and evaluation plans and integration management plans for communications equipment and systems.
  •  Requirements validation and verification

 Computer Modeling

  •  Computer Modeling of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects including:
  •  Antennas patterns; antenna range; EMI/EMC; electromagnetic signature; RADHAZ; Radar Cross Section; Nuclear-EMP and   Lightning-EMP.
  •  Methods and tools based on the Method of Moments; Transmission Line Theory; UTD/GTD.

 Evaluations/technical advice

  • Design assessment of systems
  • Design assessment of all systems and equipment for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
  • Requirements Analysis for all EME, internal and external communication systems


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