Stradia offers all UKCA marking process services to enable you to place products on the UK market.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking applies for specific types of product placed on the UK market. Including those covered by:

  • The Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations

  • Radio Equipment Regulations

  • Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations

  • Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations

  • General Product Safety Regulations

Most products that are currently covered by the scope of the CE Marking process under the EUs Directives will fall within the scope of the UKCA marking process.

Self certification will be possible for most product placed on the UK market as it is with the EU.  This means for the most part there will be no need to involve a UK Authorized Authority in the compliance process.

The UKCA Mark will not be recognized in the EU where CE Marking will be necessary on products place on the EU mark.

As with CE Marking the supplier to the market must keep the required technical documentation and make it available to the authorities on request.  This as in the EU can be delegated to an Authorized Representative. 

There will also be a UK Declaration of Conformity that must declare that the product is in conformity with the relevant statutory requirements applicable to the specific product.  This will be in addition to the EU Declaration of Conformity.  It must refer to the relevant UK legislation and Designated Standards.

Much of the UKCA process parallels that of the CE process, however technical requirements and applicable standards may differ.

Important Note

Northern Ireland has a differing product compliance process to the UK.  This has been put in place to avoid a "hard border" between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.   Northern Ireland will continue to use the CE Marking process under the Northern Ireland Protocol.  The CE mark will be recognized in Northern Ireland and used on goods made there.  Goods sent to Great Britain from Northern Ireland will not have to have the UKCA mark or UK Declaration of Conformity only the CE Mark and EU Declaration of Conformity.

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