EMC Design 2021

A two day course with practical demonstrations and problem solving


Sydney: TBA; 

Melbourne: TBA

Venues: TBA

We also run this course in-house where we can tailor it to a companies specific needs

Cost $2250 + GST per person.      Contact compliance@stradia.com.au

Places are limited so please call to reserve your place

Stradia Pty Ltd presents this course for those involved in the design and/or testing of electronic equipment and systems.

This seminar will give you an understanding of the techniques used to achieve EMC in design and problem solving. Learning not only what to do, but how to do it is now vitally important to reduce your compliance costs and develop in-house expertise.

This seminar includes detailed case studies and demonstrations related to design and problem solving.

Topics to be covered

·    EMC regulations and requirements

·    Design principles for controlling emission and immunity

·    EMC control measures for PCB/equipment/systems

·    Practical demonstrations of electromagnetic principles

·    Development and compliance tests

·    Interpretation of test results

·     Integration of modules and devices into larger equipment: cabling, shielding & filtering

·     Case studies with problem solving examples for emission and immunity

·     Tips on cost effective problem solving strategies

·    Practical Demonstrations

Presenters’ profiles

Dr Franz Schlagenhaufer

World authority on EMC and design for EMC

Emeritus Professor John Devlin

John Devlin is the Technical Manager of Stradia Pty Ltd

John has had a long association with design and testing for EMC and PCB design. This includes equipment for defense, aerospace, communications, industrial processing machinery and a wide variety of electronic products.

Cornelius Chidlow

Cornelius is the Principal Consultant of Stradia Pty Ltd and has been involved with compliance engineering for 26 years.

Who should attend

Design Managers and Design Engineers, Test Managers and Test Engineers, Technical Managers

Stradia Pty Ltd reserves the right to exclude any party or person from the course based on commercial in confidence including competitors.

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