The get your product on the market we explain the process in full.  We then prepare an initial assessment that often includes a formal risk assessment.  We advise on the documentation we require and that we will prepare inclusive of test plans, inspections, analyses and test reports.  We then implement the plans and advise of any changes required to the product.  We prepare all the required compliance documentation for placing your product on the market.  In addition we can act as Authorized Representative or Authorized person in lodging and holding your compliance documents with the relevant Authorities.

When contacting us please tell us about your product and what market you wish to sell into.  For example if you have machinery that you want to export to the EU, UK or the USA describe the equipment and its intended use.  For importers to Australia also please describe the equipment and it use.  If you have an electrical product that has CE marking then we may be able to use the test reports for this product for our assessment.You can link us to a website where we can find out about the product or please attach brochures to your email to us.  

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