Product Compliance Check List

For the market you wish to sell into identify the regulations you must comply with. These usually include some or all of the following:

 Safety. This could be electrical safety, mechanical safety and general product safety.
 Banned and controlled substances. This could include heavy metals, types of plastics and gases and persistent organic pollutants.
 Telecommunication, Radiocommunications and Electromagnetic Compatibility.  This includes the standards dealing with connection to the telephone network, mobile phones, radio transmitters and all electronic equipment.  The requirements include the application of mandated standards and the preparation of technical files with technical reports and certificates of conformity from regulators where required.
 Packaging. These covers reducing waste, reuse and controlled and banned materials
 Recycling. This could include the collection and reuse of electrical and electronic goods and other materials including packaging.
 Labelling. Mandated labelling includes labelling for weights and measures, safety warnings and symbols.
 Compliance Marks. These include the Regulatory Compliance mark for Australia and New Zealand, the CE Mark for the EU, the UKCA mark for the UK and the FCC Mark for the USA.
 Technical Folder. Technical folders are made available to regulators on demand. Their contents includes risk assessments, technical reports, drawings, parts lists and certificates of conformity.
 Manuals. These must meet the content and language requirements as set out in the respective regulations.
 Declaration of Conformity. This is the legal document that demonstrates to the authorities that the relevant regulations have been complied with.

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