Product Compliance and Approvals Service for World Markets
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EMC    Electrical Safety    Machinery Safety    Product Safety

Our focus is on bringing your products into compliance and not just on testing.  As Australia uses many of the same standards as other countries we can often use existing test data.  We also reduce the amount of testing required by considering the existing compliance of parts and through risk assessment.  We prepare the technical folder and can also act as an Authorised Representative to hold the compliance documents making them available to the authorities when required.

We understand that manufacturers and suppliers need to get their products into the market place without delay.  We move quickly to prepare a complete compliance solution for each product, guiding and advising you on the regulations, preparing the necessary compliance reports and documents and developing the most appropriate and economical compliance route.

Assessment and compliance is a complex area.  Regulations and standards are under constant review and frequently require expert interpretation.

We have extensive experience in several compliance regimes and have applied hundreds of standards, bringing products into compliance with Australian, New Zealand, EU and US requirements.

Compliance Engineering, testing and design 

Compliance engineering and product regulation experts covering the Regulatory Compliance Mark, Electrical Safety Approvals, CE Mark and more.

Product testing, design evaluation, redesign and certification.

EMC Testing, Electrical Safety Testing, Product Safety Testing and Machinery Safety Testing.

We determine the regulations that apply, the applicable standards and tests and we write the test plan, implement the testing and interpret the results addressing any non-compliance and redesigning the product.

We work closely with our clients in all phases of the design cycle and in support once the product is in use.