Compliance Marks and the Responsibilities of the Supplier

The supplier is the importer, exporter and manufacturer.   They take responsibility for the product compliance.   Each must ensure all the technical and administrative issues are addressed before offering the product for sale or putting it into service.   This means putting together the technical file consisting of test reports, technical data and manuals.   It also means completing and signing the legal documents required by customs and inspectors.   Marking of the product with required information including any regulatory marks and/or third party marks.  
Registration on the required Dbases and making documents available to the authorities as required and when required.

For Australia this could be the RCM and electrical safety approval mark, the Water Mark and the energy efficiency ratings for the marks, A Declaration of Conformity for the legal document, A Technical File for the test reports and technical specifications and drawings and Compliance Certificates from third parties such as Stradia.  Registration could be required on the REAS database and the Energy Efficiency database.   

For the EU it could be the CE Mark covering the requirements set down in the EU's Directives covering safety and performance of all products and services placed on the market or brought in service in the EU.

For the USA it could be the FCC Mark for EMC and Radio transmitters and receivers.  It could be approvals for the National Electrical Code for electrical products or those of the Occupational Safety and Health Commission for consumer and industrial products and machines.

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