Partner Test Lab -Central Point Testing & Technology Co., Ltd.

Stradia is partnered  with Central Point Testing & Technology Co., Ltd.  The lab is highly accredited, highly reliable and provides fast, accurate and economic testing for Australian and world markets.  Its accreditation is recognized by Australian regulators via the ILAC MRA and IECEE accreditation. Their lab has been accredited by EU, Chinese, US accreditation bodies and approvals organizations.  Their partner labs are also highly experienced and accredited.
Where things can get confusing for exporters, importers and manufacturers is in dealing with the regulatory compliance matters. This can be a minefield for those who face it for the first time. There a hundreds of legislative instruments, hundreds of compliance processes and millions of standards.
This is where we at Stradia Pty Ltd solve the problems and get your product to your markets without risk.  We conduct risk assessments, direct design changes, prepare test plans, solve test failures, carry out inspections and use analysis and technical expertise to bring your product into compliance. We have 28 years of experience with EU, Australian and US technical and administrative regulations for product compliance. 
Together we at Stradia and Central Point Testing and Technology give you the solutions you need.


      Nancy - General Manager

     Sandy - Accounts Manager

   Sally - Head of Marketing

   Owen - Technical Director

     Joadon - Quality Manager    

   Davis - EMC Lab Manager

     Jay - Safety Lab Manager

     Nick - Project Engineer

Testing and certification for:
Australia     European Union     USA & Canada      China      Korea       Japan        Taiwan      
We cover test types such as: 
Product Safety      Electromagnetic Compatibility         Hazardous Substances        Energy Efficiency     Functional Test      Environmental Impact     Ingress Protection 
Durability     Fit for Use      
Products covered include:
Luminaire          Household Appliances      IT/AV
Machinery      Vehicles       Watercraft
Power Tools       Air Tools           Hand Tools             Plug & Cable,
Transformers     Lighting Ballast
Electronic and Electrical Components

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