Regulatory Compliance Mark

One of the most common Australian product compliance marks is the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).   It is used to show that products meet Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Radio communication, Telecommunication and electrical safety legislative requirements.

Using existing CE (European Union) test reports may be the most efficient and cost effective way of demonstrating compliance with the RCM.  CE reports are usually made to the same international standards on which the RCM is based.  In the case where it is not clear this can be addressed by technical examination.

Using CE reports meets the Australian Communication and Media Authority's (ACMA) requirements in almost all cases as Australia has adopted the same standards as used in the EU.  The labs carrying out these tests are almost always accredited for the test standards and usually accredited by organizations that have Mutual Recognition Agreements with Australia.  Several of the test labs in Australia are accredited for their tests by these non Australian accreditation bodies.   The same organizations that have accredited test labs in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA and the EU.  Using CE reports is not high risk but it is low cost as the tests have already been completed for the product.   

The next steps apart from obtaining a copy of the test report are to check that the report is technically correct, covers the product to be imported and an application is made to use the RCM.  For some household products a certificate of approval must be obtained.  This is for electrical safety only and does not apply to EMC, EMR, Radiocummications and the Telecommunication requirements of the ACMA.  The former are federal requirements whereas electrical safety is state based with most approvals being done via the NSW safety regulations.

Stradia has extensive experience with assessing CE reports so that they may be used to achieve compliance in Australia for EMC, EMR, Radiocommunication, Telecommuncation and electrical safety. We are well acquainted with the EUs and Australian standards and the EU’s and Australia’s conformity assessment procedures.

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